private healings

In a private healing session Amy will work with you one on one and customize the session based on what you are currently dealing with that is not feeling in alignment with your truth. 

Amy will connect with you to release Inherited Emotions and patterns such as fear of failure, fear of success, anxiety, relationship drama, money issues, lack and scarcity, fear of losing money, fear of self expression and many others, you can achieve your real purpose and reason for being here without all the distractions and obstacles. Whatever you are personally experiencing that doesn’t not feel good or productive in your one life, whether it is something mentioned here or different.

By releasing these blocks you will become inspired and empowered in the truth of who you really are and will be able to clear the path to achieve incredible success in all areas of life. People feel more grounded, connected, a sense of clarity and peace of mind.

Ancestral Trauma Clearing- Releases trapped and inherited trauma from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies. Clearing the experiences of the past that are having an impact on the present and future. By clearing the emotions and energies that have been inherited and carried forward, sometimes unbeknownst to you, you are able to focus, feel clear about your own life purpose and feen grounded in your truth.

If you are ready to experience more freedom, deeper connection with yourself, clarity, peace of mind, focus, enthusiasm for your life and many more positive emotions, feel free to book a session now at the calendar link below.

I had more insights and healings in one session with Amy than in years of therapy. It’s been revelatory to understand that some of the blocks I was bumping into in life weren’t actually mine but had been inherited. The work we did together has helped me step into the person I have always known deep down I was. This work feels like a great big homecoming.
Annie H
Los Angeles, CA
That could not have come at a better time. Thank YOU so much for this generous gift. WOW. It was powerful and I’m so happy to say goodbye to those energies!
Seattle, WA
She’s someone I know I can trust and that she is really coming from a place that few even know exist, which is why I’m happy to share this endorsement and recommendation that you find a way to connect and work with Amy if you get the chance. When I share that Amy has learnt and developed some incredible practices and is able to use them effectively and elegantly help people. I hope you will understand that I don’t say that lightly. So again, if your drawn to work with Amy, I would recommend you book a session with her.
I have been working with Amy Schuber as a client for months. After I fell and shattered my femur, I needed a great deal of healing support emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Amy’s healing work is exceptional. She is powerful, accurate and a gifted healer. There are very few healers that have such clean, clear, powerful energy like Amy possesses. The level of integrity she possesses throughout her healing modalities, personal and professional life make me feel safe, supported and valuable. I cannot say enough about Amy and her work. It has been life changing.
After just a few sessions, I felt a shift resulting in lighter sense of self and ability to be more clear in some conversations that I had previously been struggling to have. I’m excited to see Amy arrive at new heights as a healer.
Seattle, WA