Join Amy for Monthly Group Healings on Patreon

Amy is building a healing community on Patreon where she is sharing collective clearings to help everyone release the old energies in order to step into our true essence and live our very best lives!

You will have access to 2 clearings a month. Each clearing will focus on the current energies in the collective that need to be cleared in order to help us all stay focused, grounded and in our truth.

It might feel like clearing chaos, stress, grief, distractions, and any blocks that show up and whatever else that might be present so we can get focused, cleared and deeply connected with our truth.

These monthly clearings are a brilliant way to stay connected with Amy, clear the energies that 

we are all feeling and being distracted by and

to stay grounded in your truth.

Join Amy by clicking below to become a member over on Patreon.