meet amy


Amy Schuber is an Energy Healer, Business Intuitive, Retreat Facilitator, and the Podcast Host of Inspired Conversations.

Over 15 years ago, Amy made the decision to follow her curiosity and left corporate America to explore her strengths and rediscover her life passions. Since then, she has been building a life she desires instead of a life by default and she wants to help you do the same. 

Amy uses her gifts to help clients step into their fullest potential by removing inherited blocks that prevent connection and stifle growth. She lightens the load left by ancestral trauma so her clients can find more peace, success, love, and abundance in all areas of their lives. Amy has an innate ability to guide clients to their highest vibrations so they can live in alignment with their best selves.

Amy has been intuitively coaching entrepreneurs and midsize business owners for over ten years. Through her extensive experience, she has found that the personal and career aspects of our lives are interconnected: what impacts one directly impacts the other. She is dedicated to helping you expand both personally and professionally so you can embody your highest state of being in all parts of your life. 

As a healing immersion retreat facilitator, Amy serves as the energetic conduit you need to totally and fully rejuvenate and restore your spirit, soul, and energy. She guides groups through transcendent and profound healing journeys that will leave you renewed in ways you previously imagined impossible. Amy’s retreats will have you leaning into your highest power and ready to embrace the fullness of your life. 

Amy also hosts and produces the Inspired Conversations Podcast. With nearly a million downloads, she has shared insightful conversations with over 500 thought leaders who are all making a meaningful difference on the planet. She is greatly energized and motivated by her guests and loves the privilege of being able to share their insights, thoughts, and wisdom with you. Inspired Conversations focuses on conscious business, mindfulness, energy work, spirituality, health and wellbeing in hopes to spark your heart and ignite your soul into a deep dive of self-discovery.

With all things, Amy brings her spirit driven sense of self and strategic mind together to bring you grounded guidance and help awaken your soul to the possibilities around and inside you. Working with Amy, you will find positive changes in your daily life, with your habits, and in your career. Amy believes we all have the ability to build a life we desire through healing and commitment to personal development. All you need is already inside of you, and Amy will support you and work to unlock your highest self, as she truly believes, “you are the one you’ve been waiting for.”