Join the Healing Circle
with Amy
every Wednesday at 10am pacific

Amy will be tuning into the collective energies that may be holding us back. In this session she will release the specific energies that come up and will clear them out of our way for ease, grace and clarity. Amy will hold space for transformation, alchemize and transmute energies that are obstacles to the truth. Individuals may also add specific issues or patterns they would like to release in the session.

Thank you for the healing session! I can feel the lightness that has resulted. You are gifted and I am grateful!
Cathy H.
Bellingham, WA
As for the last healing – all I can say is OMG – WOW – Group healings are the bomb. Still experiencing “epiphanies” from the last healing.
Allison J.
I wanted to thank you again for that wonderful group energy healing you shared with us. I feel a sense of inner spaciousness I haven't felt in many months. I cannot thank you enough.
Cindy L
I feel light and happy thank you so much for your work. Receiving the group healing, made me feel like the universe is holding my hand!
The session with Amy is a gift that keeps giving!! It was quite extraordinary for me. It has produced a week of shifts, releases and profound transformation. I had a very powerful experience in the guided session. Thank you for your incredible gift, and for being a part of the journey to free my soul!